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Fascias and Guttering In Newport

For all of your fascias and guttering in Newport, Celtic Roofing is the team to call. We will offer prompt and friendly service, and can go beyond the basics if a job turns into a larger repair or restoration than it looked at the onset. There is no need to hire additional contractors as we can do it all and save you the time, money, and hassle. We are trained and experienced in fixing or installing all sorts of guttering or fascias as needed.

Roof Guttering horizontal view closeupWhat is a Fascia?
For building purposes, a fascia is a finishing type of piece along or under the edge of the roof. It can be decorative or plain. Fascias can be made of wooden board upvc, or a non-rusting sheet metal. Think of its Latin meaning, which is to band or swathe. The fascia will run the length of a building and all the way around it. There are also horizontal fascias, which cap the ends of a building’s rafters (exterior) and can be used for holding the rain gutter. Which brings us to our next definition.

What is a Gutter?
Guttering refers to a gutter system which keeps rain away from the roof on a building and ideally flowing into the street rather than against the windows of the building or along the side, and into a basement where it can cause damage. Rain gutters go a long way toward protecting a building’s roof and sides, both inside and out. Some materials used for guttering include lead, cast iron, galvanized or painted steel, copper, aluminum, PVC or other plastic, concrete, stone, or wood.

What is used for fascias & guttering in Newport will depend upon the build’s construction and main use. Water which can seep into a building can cause mould and other serious allergens. It can also be devastating to the structure, especially when not spotted early on and the source of the problem fixed. Rainwater and melted snow can be the top sources of water seeping into a house or basement walls.

Prevention is the Cure
Keeping these often over-looked areas well maintained can help with upkeep so the property looks its best and free of problems. It is better to consult with us at Celtic Roofing; we do these jobs every day and have the skill and knowledge needed to restore or install fascias & guttering in Newport and areas.


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