Flat & Pitched Roofs

Flat Roofs & Pitched Roofs in Newport

Celtic Roofing offers a reliable and friendly roofing service for flat pitched roofs in Newport. Whether you would like to convert your flat roof to a pitched roof, or you need repairs done to either type of roof. A flat roof gives a building a bit of a box shape; the roof is usually parallel to the floor, and often on a flat roof of more than one storey there is roof top access. This is the type of roof you might see in office building designs, shops, and even some homes.

Worker preparing part of bitumen roofing felt roll for melting by gas heater torch flameA pitched roof is one built at an angle, there will be one long side angled downward and then either one side toward the sky or else two angled sides sloping downward from a peak. This look is the classic house and one-storey building roof.

Materials for flat pitched roofs in Newport may include one or more of Cotswold Stone, concrete tiles, man-made slate, and lead and copper sections. A roof built, repaired, or converted from flat to pitch by our company is a roof that will last. What the roof is composed of will depend upon the type of building and its use. For instance, an industrial or farm building with a pitched roof might be covered in metal sheets, which are both economical to install and offers a long-lasting solution to keep livestock warm and dry.

Concrete tiles for an area which gets extremes of temperature, and lots of heat in summer offer the benefit of providing an extra layer of shade between the heat and the inside of the building. These can be made to look much like the hand-made tiles of an Italian villa – or try our man-made slate for the craftsman touch.

One reason to convert a flat roof might be so that the cost of maintaining the roof is decreased both short and long term – a flat roof leak can cause a lot of damage because the water has nowhere to run off effectively. A pitched roof may require newer insulation, which will enhance its heating and cooling abilities, saving you money.

Whatever your roofing needs, we can design a plan that works for you both visually and within the parameters of the budget you have at hand. For more information or a job quote, please give us a call.


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