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Slating and Tiling in Newport

Celtic Roofing, experts in slating and tiling in Newport, know that slate and tile roofs are the most popular in the area and across the UK. Slates and tiles provide a cost-effective and durable solution for most domestic and many commercial properties and they look attractive too. Slates or tiles should give many years of protection to your property and, if well maintained, should span several generations of dwellers before a whole replacement is needed. Maintenance is easy for the expert and homeowners have a huge selection of styles, colours and shades to choose from. Properly installed and maintained tile and slates give excellent protection against the UK’s sometimes harsh weather, offering strong resilience to water ingress.

Man working on a new slate roofCeltic Roofing has many years of experience and deals with slate/tile roofs daily. Whatever your roofing needs, the company offers a comprehensive service, from an initial inspection to offering advice and, if requested, a detailed report and/or quotation for the work.

All property owners have a responsibility to the health and wellbeing of their property to keep their tiled or slated roof in top condition to prevent damage to the structural roof timbers and the property in general, as this could cause costly damage and involve a lot of work. Preventative maintenance is, therefore, highly recommended to tackle problems straight away before they become more serious. This could be as simple as replacing missing, slipped or damaged tiles as soon as you spot them and calling in Celtic Roofing as quickly as possible will avoid any further degradation and damage both outside and inside of your property.

If you’re concerned about your roof or simply considering undertaking some maintenance, we’re here to help with useful professional advice, factoring in durability, insulation, weatherproofing, waterproofing as well as the overall appearance of your roof, bearing in mind your preferences and budget.

Our customer service is excellent, right from your first point of contact through to the completion of your job. We’ll set out what’s involved, specify timescales and work within your budget wherever possible to find the right solution. When it comes to slating and tiling in Newport, Celtic Roofing are the obvious experts and the right choice.


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