Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Damaged Roofs in Newport

In storm emergency situations, having a roof over your head is more than just a figure of speech! Fortunately, there are instant solutions for storm damaged roofs in Newport.

Storms and tornadoes
Global warming cannot be ignored. It leaves tangible evidence of its existence, not only in warmer summers, but also in the unpredictable, extreme weather which has been experienced lately in South Wales. The UK suffers about sixty tornadoes, or ‘mini-tornadoes’, a year, according to the Met Office, and Newport gets its share of wild weather; powerful 60mph winds have wreaked damage on more than one occasion.

Roof damaged by stormStorm damaged roofs in Newport
Due to fierce weather, numerous storm damaged roofs in Newport have needed extensive repairs in recent years. This year, as last year, Newport has witnessed many roofs blown off in violent storms, and Newport University suffered extensive roof damage in 2012. When bad weather strikes, it is the roof that bears the brunt of the storm! Drips and draughts mean that the roof is damaged. Speed is of essence; from small leaks to gaping holes, roof damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Your best move is to immediately contact a reputable roof-repair firm, such as Celtic Roofing.

Repair work following storm damage
Roofing repairs can be complex, having to take into account the pitch of the roof, the type of tiling/slating, any lead work involved and the extent of the damage. The need for expert roofing repair specialists goes without saying; an obvious choice in Newport is Celtic Roofing who has been repairing roofs for thirty years, and is known for expert, prompt and reliable service. Celtic Roofing is the specialist company for fast and efficient storm damage solutions and roof repairs of every kind, including complete re-roofing if necessary.

Celtic Roofing: repairs and insurance
Once the storm has done its worst, Celtic Roofing steps in. Most buildings are insured against storm damage and, where repairs are in order, Celtic Roofing is the specialised company that carries out spot-on roof repairs and also deals directly with the insurance firm. Where a client has insurance cover and damage occurs to the roof, Celtic Roofing speedily carries out the necessary repairs and receives payment directly from the insurance company; alternatively, the client can pay the repair costs and subsequently get reimbursed by the insurance company.


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